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Facilitate, Solve and Save are the tasks that we charge our customers to entrust their needs, and since the projects are our specialty, we can only respond with solutions.


Recognizing that the networks are generally required for multiple purposes and that the greatest savings occurs when in the same deployment is achieved integrate different technologies to service different applications, our specialty is networking [MULTI] ³

- Smart City
- Video Surveillance
- Hotspots, VoIP
- Smart Metering
- Traffic Management
- Public Lightning
- Water and Energy
- Diffusion
- Distribution
- Contribution
- Multimedia
- Satellite

- Emergencies
- Ports
- Airport
- Train-Earth Communication
- Forest fire detection


Smart Networks


Networks [ MULTI ] ³- Multitechnology , Multi-Purpose , MultiService - designed by BTESA get the best possible technology platform to optimize all processes, resulting in the most efficient possible use of available resources while offering a higher quality service.


WiMAX (IEEE 802.16, 2012) is the only international standard designed for metropolitan environments (Metropolitan Area Networks or MAN). Our condition as WiMAX equipment manufacturers,through our subsidiary, Albentia Systems, puts us in a privileged position to take the technology a point beyond by integrating other narrowband technologies (ZigBee, Bluetooth) in our equipment, allowing our network is capable of integrate sensors from different manufacturers and technologies only one metropolitan network without depending on external telecommunications operators (3G / GPRS) thereby decreasing the recurring cost of the Smart Citys at minimum.

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