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From BTESA we are conscious "union is strength", in the case of the Smart City projects, the collaboration between the manufacturers and experts in their fields, coordinated and vertebrates by us, offers the optimal solution to increasing challenges. We understand that customers only must be concerned with your needs, and to cover them, we are in charge of coordinating and select the best partners and collaborators worldwide.


In these two ways collaboration, firstly, optimization and debugging of solutions that must be offered to the clients, and second, building new links and alliances with other companies that in most cases give rise to new products or merchandising did not previously exist. If you are into one of these groups, please contact us!


BTESA a sponsor and founding member of the association of companies SmartLand Technologies.The active collaboration with other technology companies allows Smart Citys projects successfully meet, where the nexus is our own communications network that enables to realize the different requirements of sensor systems in the city, without having to depend on external operators.


we are technological base of smart city

Smart Land Technologies










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