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BTESA, from its origins as a TV transmitters manufacturer, with a workforce consisting mostly in Senior Telecommunication Engineers, currently compete face to face with our own technology with the 4 reference manufacturers worldwide.

In order to diversify its business, was created in 2004 the subsidiary Albentia Systems, a worldwide reference in WiMAX technology. In addition to delivery of turnkey solutions related to the world of broadcasting, such as distribution networks or contribution, has become the largest Spanish expert and one of the best in the world, in radio-frequency or networks wireless (ZigBee, BlueTooth, WiFi, WiMAX, PDH, SDH or Ethernet).


Division Networks specializes in design, planning, installation and integral management of self-provision networks in any environment (rural or urban , regional or national) . These networks support all Smart City services in a sustainable manner without recurring expenses , unlike contracted third parties networks.


The commitment to design Multi-Technology Network [MULTI] ³, which can integrate different technologies which contribute to the Smart Cities (WiMAX, ZigBee, RFID, wireless, fiber, etc..) ensuring reliability, scalability, modularity and efficiency.That way the networks designed by BTESA serve as a backbone on which to base all technologies, applications and services in a Smart City, from smart metering to control traffic through video surveillance, slighting management, water, energy, prevention firefighting, etc..


The constant efforts in R & D performed by BTESA and active collaboration with other manufacturers, not only allows support all technologies and applications of Smart City today, but also guarantees the adaptability of the networks to new technologies and services that will certainly come in the future.


Thanks to this effort and a team of expert engineers with contrasted experience in the industry, also offers exceptional BTESA Technology Consulting service which includes design of new networks, improving existing networks, coverage studies, custom designs or technical advice.


Smart Land


From BTESA provides a full range of possibilities for our clients because turnkey projects are our specialty. Cover from the initial phase of counseling and survey, to the formation and maintenance, through execution.




Facilitate, Solve and Save are the tasks that we charge our customers to entrust their needs, and since the projects are our specialty, we can only respond with solutions.




Recognizing that communication is only one piece in the puzzle of the solutions, we are used to working side by side with other manufacturers and engineering together to create more value-added solutions for mutual benefit. If this is your case, ¡ Ask Us! 

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