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BTESA is a leading technological group with long experience in the design and manufacturing of radiofrequency equipment.


The key of our successful record of RF equipment delivered all over the world is our powerful R&D department: 30% of BTESA staff, with specialization in all systems related with Solid state RF power amplifiers:

The experience gained through the installation of RF equipment which should work 24/7 in the most extreme environments helped to improve the robustness and reliability of all our equipment.


BTESA has participated in the past in several Spanish and international projects, such as VIDITER project intended to define and validate the transmission standards for digital terrestrial television) as well as several contribution in satellite communications within the frame of the European Space Agency -ESA.

This skill of the R&D team to design any RF product together with the flexibility to adapt to any project, allowed BTESA to easily jump into the Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications.


Therefore, although the BTESA ISM division has been recently created, BTESA has been already awarded with different projects in all these 3 fields.

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