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Broadcast system engineering is one of the company's core activities. To meet customer's needs, an effective support structure has been established which provides direct access to a wide range of in-house resources. Whatever the value and size of the project are, BTESA can provide with the most suitable solution to meet time and budget targets, taking charge of all responsibilities, from planning to final implementation, going through system design, choosing of equipment, integration, technical  management, training, etc.

Defining customer requirements and selecting the appropriate solution among the great variety of alternatives that today's evolving technology offers is the start point in the process. The experience, familiarity and flexibility of our system engineers with available products from different brands make it possible to provide the required solution of your system.

System engineering makes extensive use of CAD/CAE tools to provide our customer with detailed design including working drawings and cable layouts; this fast and accurate system design permit to illustrate several project implementations before a decision is made.

Turn Key projects TURN KEY PROJECTS


Subsequently, it is our common practice to assembly and test every sub-system before delivery, checking specification compliance and operational features. Customers are always welcome to carry out factory test and acceptance procedures before delivery.

Likewise, during commissioning project specifications are checked and the test results are confirmed with our system engineers. The same team who planned and built the system also provides operational training on it.

Examples of Turn-key system integration are:



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